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Steve Guppy - The Art of One vs One

How to Keep Possession of the Ball and Execute 1-vs-1 Skills

Steve Guppy is a former professional soccer player and current professional coach with over 20 years of experience. In this Gaffer’s Training video, Steve demonstrates how to 1v1 in soccer and create space to maneuver and kick the ball. He teaches 3 unique exercises used for training at the professional level. Each exercise is designed to get you more comfortable with ball maneuvers to help you keep control of the ball, pass defenders and score more goals.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • 3 unique PRO Level exercises to develop 1v1 soccer skills
  • Fascinating nuances for how to create space in soccer
  • When and why 1v1 play in soccer is valuable 

Why One-vs-One Play is So Important in Soccer

Professional soccer training sessions

While passing and positioning for teamwork are incredibly important in soccer, it’s essentially impossible to win if the other team always has control of the ball. To gain and keep possession, it’s important to study 1v1 play in soccer. How can you keep an opponent from getting past you with the ball? How can you best dribble the ball around your opponent, creating space to take a shot at their goal?

Steve Guppy can help show you the most effective soccer drills and techniques to practice for gaining a competitive advantage in your soccer league, or training for your team.

Train with Steve Guppy

If you are ready to perfect your 1-vs-1 game with professional soccer player Steve Guppy and take steps toward reaching pro-level play. Steve Guppy is joined in this session by two college-level players in this video - Dawson and Patrick.

Get instant access to this training video now, or buy the full course, Path to the Pros to learn from Steve and 8 other professional soccer players.