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Taylor Washington - Whipping the ball

How to Become a Better Winger with Nuanced Soccer Crossing Techniques

Taylor Washington is a professional soccer player with over 9 years of experience. In his Gaffer’s Training video, Taylor shares the techniques and drills that brought him success playing as a Winger and Fullback for multiple Major League Soccer teams.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Proper soccer crossing techniques
  • How to become a better winger
  • How to hit the ‘golden areas’ to score more goals

Why Proper Crosses are So Valuable in Soccer

Soccer Player Delivering a Crossed Ball

Wingers, fullbacks, and wing-backs often fulfill an important type of play on soccer teams, crossing. This means passing the ball into the ‘golden areas’ near an opposing team’s goal where forward teammates have the best positioning to take a shot on goal. Excellent crossing is the kind of teamwork that scores more goals and wins more games. 

Train with Taylor Washington

In this Gaffer’s Training video, Taylor Washington shares top techniques from professional play that can give you and your soccer team a competitive edge. Learn to confidently control the ball from the first touch, create space to maneuver and kick the ball, and give your teammates the most chances to score.

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