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Go Hard & with Heart

Let former pro and soccer broadcaster, Ross Smith and his crew of pro players, NCAA D1 college players and coaches guide you through the training sessions they do to gain that competitive edge! All sessions are virtual so you can go through the videos at your own pace!


⚽️ Overall Skills

⚽️ Position Specific

⚽️ Challenges / Games


Sweat through intense but inspiring sessions and exercises which are designed to improve overall skills (i.e First Touch, Precision Passing, Speed of Play, and much more!) , offer position specific inside tips, benchmark fitness exercises for the College and Pro level, & fun challenges/games along the way! 
Hey there, 
I'm Ross Smith and I’ve travelled all over Canada, the US, Scotland and England during my 10 year professional playing days and now a 10 year TV broadcast career. 

I have always been obsessed to learn the best training methods to help players reach their full potential. Throughout my soccer career, I have been fortunate to meet some fantastic soccer minds that have found a formula for great success. With the Gaffer's training, I want to help you find your formula, and guide you towards as successful a soccer path as possible! 


9+ pro's • 20+ sessions • 50+ exercises


Designed to supplement your current busy training schedule, here's a sneak peak into a few of our training sessions and exercises. Every session/exercise is meant for you to take on either individually, or with a partner/parent.

From building your foundation, to position specific nuance tips and tricks, and college/professional fitness benchmark sessions, our aim to is take the guess work out of your training and provide you with the confidence and direction needed to excel.

Step onto the training ground with our trainers (current/past pro players) that come from different path's and backgrounds, and have all enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in the game. 

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Individual Sessions

Not quite looking for a full program, but want a one off session? Here you go!

Below you will find some individual sessions from our Finding the Formula Program!